Sunday, 29 January 2017

And then

And then there comes a day
To fight for the right she longed all night
But then comes the fear
Of losing the sight of all her might
Because she knew the fact
That she was all alone with the faces of clone
In the search of truth
That she failed to recognize
All she asked was a layer of justice
For her sister’s plight
Because she could not resist the frightening scene of bruised flesh of her own sister
In tinted cruel light.
The candles, all posters, and all those faces
Who cried for tears that she shed
Could not come over the story of her toned eyes
And then came the day when ashes turned cold, tears turned white, cries turned into silence and justice into a mere plight.

Because she was a girl, and to feel safe is not her right.

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

In all of these where am I?

In all of this l, where am I?
 Between the sharp edges of past and future
Under the blanket of uncooth humanity
Between the savages and sages
Under the hopes of wrenched ship
Where am I?
May be beneath all those cells of quantum physics
Or may be very close to lame psyche of being.
In all those talks of unknown faces
And thousands of claim
In all those harsh words of fate
And crumbled belief in soul.
Where am I?
Somewhere between the pale skin of reality and undone attire of magic
In everything or nothing that surrounds me
In the gloomy sect of happiness or out of the Chaos
In those hurts of smiling eyes
Or in the swirling hair with wind
Where am I, in all of these?

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

He was too afraid to go and search the edges of dark. So he never knocked the parts of his soul where there was no light. But little did he ever know that darkness could be the path to the brightness. The pain induced in him because he wanted to run away from darkness, he ran, he ran so fast that he was far away from Everything, even the possibilities.
We don't always need what we want and we don't always want what we need. But we do get what we deserve. This thought made him to come back, to his own self, to his consciousness. He knew by then that whatever the situation be and how dark it may become but he won't run away. He knew that darkness allows the most illuminated form of light to enter inside. Therefore , he never again was scared of dark. He had his home nearby it and every day the darkness was followed by light. He was free now.

Monday, 2 January 2017

                  The wall of fame

 The day I got my first heartache
The day I got my first sensation
The day I got the feeling of past and present
The day I got the feeling of love
I call it my wall of fame.
 The day I felt my first tear
The day I felt my first conflict between heart and mind
The day I felt my first hurt
I call it my wall of fame.
The day when I realised about my own emotions for the first time.
The day I realised about my own soul for the first time.
The day I realised about my own flesh and skin for the first time.
I call it my wall of fame.
Tha day I was left alone by serendipity
The day I was accompanied by serenity
The day I was wondering about galaxies
The day I was just not what I wanted to be
I call it my wall of fame.
 All these phrases got  nothing but a name
My wall of fame.

Sunday, 1 January 2017

Tripping off the floor far from sleep
Keeping a distance, a safe one from all the bullshit
I slay, sulk , withdraw all the core necessities of being
Because I believe that sleep will throw me into sanity.
Sanity of being judgemental, of being religiously blind, of being racist, communist, of holding on to mistakes and then thinking all  night, am I the only one to cripple like a grasshopper and think that grass is always greener on the other side?
And therefore I go with amnesia, to be left by abundance of abandonment, of being a socialistic animal and not a human. For all I am and all I ll be is what I dream with a blind streak.