Wednesday, 25 January 2017

In all of these where am I?

In all of this l, where am I?
 Between the sharp edges of past and future
Under the blanket of uncooth humanity
Between the savages and sages
Under the hopes of wrenched ship
Where am I?
May be beneath all those cells of quantum physics
Or may be very close to lame psyche of being.
In all those talks of unknown faces
And thousands of claim
In all those harsh words of fate
And crumbled belief in soul.
Where am I?
Somewhere between the pale skin of reality and undone attire of magic
In everything or nothing that surrounds me
In the gloomy sect of happiness or out of the Chaos
In those hurts of smiling eyes
Or in the swirling hair with wind
Where am I, in all of these?

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