Tuesday, 10 January 2017

He was too afraid to go and search the edges of dark. So he never knocked the parts of his soul where there was no light. But little did he ever know that darkness could be the path to the brightness. The pain induced in him because he wanted to run away from darkness, he ran, he ran so fast that he was far away from Everything, even the possibilities.
We don't always need what we want and we don't always want what we need. But we do get what we deserve. This thought made him to come back, to his own self, to his consciousness. He knew by then that whatever the situation be and how dark it may become but he won't run away. He knew that darkness allows the most illuminated form of light to enter inside. Therefore , he never again was scared of dark. He had his home nearby it and every day the darkness was followed by light. He was free now.

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